While the world is drowning in vegetable oils, the founder of an Australian multi-award-winning company refuses to touch it. Maddie Stevens says, "the scientific literature is clear about the dangers of polyunsaturated vegetable oils - the kinds that are supposed to be good for us." Maddie said the issues with vegetable oils increase the body's need for vitamin E and other antioxidants she further states that "liquid oils = biochemical chaos."

Nu-trition - good food naturally founder (and Nutritionist)  Maddie Stevens creates delish fine foods using organic ingredients, butter and quinoa - a complete protein. After years of experimenting with different grains due to her own sensitivities, Maddie started her company with a focus on those with gluten and soy sensitivities, the health conscious and kids who like a sweet treat without nasties.

Maddie is on a mission to educate consumers about health and eating consciously. She said, " I think consumers like the idea of being able to make informed choices regarding their health." And there is good reason why she only uses butter in her recipes because, " not only does butter taste better, it's also good for you. Hydrogenated fats and excess long chain fatty acids found in margarines, polyunsaturated oils and butter substitutes have disastrous effects on the immune system."

What Maddie knows is that today's customers are more passionate about the benefits of eating and living a healthier lifestyle. She uses only natural ingredients sourced from local and sustainable farmers and businesses. From her happy clients, she has inspired a new generation of health-conscious customers and said that her goal " is to provide customers with a healthier option" as she is committed to health and quality.